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Competition with Kipekee!

May 11, 2011

Kipekee is a clever little website where they sell pretty much all the things your quirky little heart could possibly desire! I visited the site for the first time a few days ago, and got pretty excited to see that they actually have a pretty good competition going on at the moment (it’s their first anniversary, hooray!).

In order to win, you have to collect ‘tickets’. The amount of tickets you’re able to collect depends on the effort you choose to put into collecting them. So, all in all a rather fun little game! And the prize (of course the best thing about any competition, he he), is TWO products of your choice from their website!

So, I spent quite a while browsing through their wide range of stuff, and managed to narrow down my mental wishing list to these two items:

A Fujifilm Instant Mini 7S

A really really cute little polaroid camera!

And… A bowler hat. Colour red wine.

… because I really like hats. :3

Go have a look willyah.

*fingers crossed*


Thirty second

March 1, 2011

Why on earth is it always so incredibly tempting to do the things you know you’re not supposed to do? And I’m not talking about walking across the street with your eyes crossed, or stealing old ladies’ handbags, but about procrastination. Here I am, sitting by my desk, knowing so very well that I should be reading and taking notes. Still, that’s not what I’m doing.

An average attempt at studying usually takes place somewhat like this:

1. I open my computer.

2. I open Word.

3. I find a book, and I start reading.

4. After about five minutes, I figure that I have to check Facebook. Just in case, you know.

5. Nothing new on Facebook, so I go back to working.

6. Oh! But what if one of my favourite bloggers have updated their blogs? I go to check.

7. Yes, some of them have indeed updated their blogs, and I’ve found at least one link to a Spotify playlist that I feel I just HAVE to listen to.

8. I listen to the playlists on Spotify. And knowing that I can’t really work while listening to music, I surf the internet a bit more.

9. Halfway through the playlist, I mentally pinch my own ear, and tell myself that I’m not supposed to be listening to music, I should be working! So I pause the playlist, and go back to work.

10. I work for a little while. Then I realise I’m incredibly thirsty, and figure out that the best way to solve this problem would be to make some tea. Because making tea takes time.

11. I go to make some tea.

12. I take the tea back to my room. Still really thirsty, I’m patiently waiting for it to get cold. Can’t work until I get to satisfy my thirst for something liquid.

13. Tea finally has the right temperature for drinking. I drink the tea, and go back to work.

14. I work work work work.

15. Oh! Dinner!

16. After dinner, it’s always too late to get anything sensible done.

Another day of successful (ehem… *cough* attempted *cough*) studying has come to an end!

(Although, I refuse to let today fall into the category of average attempts, so… back to work I go!)



Thirty first

February 19, 2011

Do you guys remember Nickelodeon?

Possibly the best TV channel for children that ever existed? That is, before they started sending all that new crap. I’m talking about the good old Nicktoons! These are some of my faves, and I’m sure I’ve watched every single episode of every single one of them:

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:


Angry Beavers:

Hey Arnold:


Rocko’s Modern Life:

The Adventures of Pete and Pete:

Clarissa Explains It All:

Kenan and Kel:


Kenan and Kel, Hey Arnold, and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters were my absolute favourites.

Did you have a favourite?



February 19, 2011

Tonight’s gonna be a good night, I’ve decided. Stir fry for dinner, Special K Honey Crunch cereal with bananas and oranges, and this film:

– Starring the infamous Olsenbanden, a group of three amateur law breakers, who never really succeed at anything they do. Ah, how I love them! This film is the fifth in the series, and was made in 1974.

Handsome devils, aren’t they.

And here’s a Youtube clip for you to enjoy, if you’re curious:

(Don’t worry that it’s in Norwegian, the music alone is well worth it!)


Twenty ninth

February 14, 2011

14th of February. The day in honour of St. Valentine, who we know nothing about except his name. I prefer calling in the Day of Hearts, as I feel this is way more suiting. I don’t approve of the commercial side of Valentine’s day, but I do like the symbolism of it. A day of the year devoted to showing the ones you love that you care about them, through extra kind gestures, friendly words, a peck on the cheek and plenty of hugs and cuddles. Of course, you’re allowed to do this any odd day of the year, but it IS sort of nice having an entire day devoted to it.

So far on this beautifully sunny Day of Hearts, I’ve slept (finally – as I hardly slept anything the night before), cuddled a lot, had yummi English breakfast muffins with fruits of the forest jam, tea in my favourite George Harrison mug (it’s Mike’s actually – he’s a lucky man), had a shower, received a pretty little flower from Ben that he put in my hair (sweet person that he is), had a walk alone in the wonderfully sunny weather, visited at least 8 charity shops (what better way to spend the day – Cathays is heaven for second hand clothes lovers), watched the Simpsons online… And now, I’m gonna lie down on my side (doctor’s orders) and watch some more Simpsons.

Oh, and… seeing as my ear is running (not literally, obviously – it’s leaking) I had to plaster it up good and proper with a tissue and some tape before leaving the house. No need to say I felt like a zombie bride to be, walking around in search of second hand treasures. Ho ho ho.

Anyways. My ear still hurts, and I’m not at all keen to take the train back and drive through the tunnels that caused this mess in the first place, so I might just stay in Cardiff another night. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll feel even better! Fingers crossed, eh?

Happy Day of Hearts to everyone!



Twenty eight

February 4, 2011

I miss having an instrument to play. I miss my fiddle, my guitar, my whistle, my keyboard! I’m actually considering buying myself another tin whistle one of these days, just so that I’ll have something to play. They’re not too expensive, so it’s not a big investment or anything. I just need to find a music shop that sells them first! I think I’ll have a look around Reading on Monday or something.

My whistle! Shame I forgot to bring it with me. It’s not as if I know how to play it, I only know about two songs, but I love experimenting on it! Pretty much everyone can play the tin whistle and make it sound nice with some practice. I only know these two songs (plus some other random short ones), so I would love to learn new ones!


Twenty seventh

February 4, 2011

I love it when you hear a piece of music for what you think is the first time, only to discover you’ve hear it so many times before that you almost know it by heart, but you can’t for Gordon’s sake remember when, where and why you first heard it. Exactly this is what happened to me this morning. For some reason I ended up listening to ‘Die Fledermaus – Overture’ by Johann Strauss, and the entire song brought back so many memories. Or, it brought back the feelings of those memories, but not the actual memories.

Now that I think about it, it might be that I’ve heard the song on Tom & Jerry… It wouldn’t surprise me if this was true, seeing as I’ve seen most of the old T&J episodes more times than I can possibly count. So no wonder I would still know the soundtrack by heart.

Jup, just did some research – have a look at this:

Haha, I love how T&J were in charge of my classical education!

Other favourites are:

Mouse in Manhattan (1945)

Blue Cat Blues

This one, The Mouse Comes to Dinner is possibly my absolute favourite!

The Yankee Doodle Mouse

The Million Dollar Cat

Jerry’s Cousin